A Kentucky college campus was on lockdown for several hours Wednesday after false reports of armed men at the school.

Kentucky State Police told FOXNews.com that police were not able to corroborate earlier claims of shots being fired or gunmen on the loose at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green — after initial reports of an incident near Pearce Ford Tower on the school's main campus.

"What we think happened was a group of individuals got in a fight, somebody called guns, we ran, no guns, no indication of guns," Lt. Phil Crumpton of the Kentucky State Police told FOXNews.com. "Meanwhile this group moves to another location for a fight, someone calls guns again. We all go running over there, hold the first location, nothing."

A third call off campus also yielded no evidence of weapons or shots fired, he said.

Earlier, police and school officials received reports of armed men spotted in a building on the school's South Campus and of gunshots near the tower.

"No one was shot," university spokesman Bob Skipper told FOX News.

Crumpton told FOXNews.com that police believe someone may have brandished a gun during the altercation, but weren't immediately able to confirm that either.

The incident prompted an advisory for students to remain indoors in secure areas until an "all clear" could be issued, according to the school's Web site. An earlier text message also falsely said that shots were fired near the Tower.

"Police have confirmed that there was a physical altercation not involving weapons between individuals that occurred in or near PFT, but the police are interviewing witnesses on the scene to determine if weapons were or are present, or if shots were fired," a message on the school's Web site said.

Students who called a local newsroom said there were two announcements over the university's P.A. system warning them that they were in immediate danger and should take shelter.

Classes were canceled for the day as police investigated.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.