Gillian Anderson Names Sons Felix and Oscar

"The X-Files" star Gillian Anderson is in the middle of a mystery worthy of her former show: How could she and her boyfriend both have never heard of "The Odd Couple"?

Anderson and her boyfriend, businessman Mark Griffiths, became the proud parents of a baby boy on October 15, and named him Felix.

That's fine.

But their first son, who will turn two in November, is named Oscar.

Anderson's manager, Connie Freiberg, says Anderson and Griffiths did not name their children after the mismatched roommates Felix and Oscar of "The Odd Couple" movie and TV fame. In fact, Freiberg told the Associated Press that Anderson has "never even seen the show. She had no idea." Freiberg added that she brought up the coincidence to Anderson, but "it really doesn't sink in."

The important thing is Anderson is "happy as you can be," according to Freiberg. She had better be, because of her sons grow up to be like their TV counterparts, the Anderson/Griffiths household is in for some serious "oil and" water hijinx!