Fresh off the double good news that her 'Womanizer' single is Number One on the Billboard charts and her misdemeanor driving trial has ended in a hung jury, Britney Spears was spotted wearing a symbol of her troubled, turbulent recent past: a ring that her former paparazzi boyfriend Adnan Ghalib made for her. snapped the comeback kid wearing the telltale bling, and reports that Ghalib has an identical ring as well.

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Spears and Ghalib became an item during a time in which the singer shaved her head, dumped her manager, checked into a rehab center, and lost custody of her two young sons.

Recently, her career has appeared back on track, with a guest starring role on the sitcom 'How I met Your Mother,' her successful appearance at the MTV Music Awards, and good buzz surrounding the upcoming release of her album 'Circus.'

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