Woman in U.K. Pleads for Return of Her Non-English-Speaking Dog

A Czech Republic native who recently moved to the U.K. is appealing for the safe return of her stolen dog, Nikita, who she says “does not speak English,” the Wigan Today reported Thursday.

Eva Stadaniova, 23, arrived in the U.K. two weeks ago from Prague, and told the Wigan Today of her American Staffordshire and bull terrier mix, “I am very worried about my dog, she is like my child, my darling, and I am afraid for her because she doesn't understand English.”

Stadaniova tied Nikita to a post for a few minutes, and when she returned the dog was gone.

Police found CCTV footage showing a female approach Nikita, untie her and lead her away. Police are treating the incident as a theft.

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