Scaredy Cat Stuck in Tree for 5 Days, Shot With Hose by Fire Department

A brazen kitty chased a bird into a tree, then turned into a scaredy cat and wouldn't come down — for five whole days.

In a scene worthy of a Sylvester and Tweety cartoon, the kitten was in hot pursuit of a feathery treat, climbing a towering tree in a Memphis neighborhood to try to catch the bird.

The feline's ordeal ended when the Memphis Fire Department shot a blast of water at the meowing little cat from a hose to get it down.

For five days, the poor kitty drove neighbors crazy with its loud, frightened meows. Concerned residents called agencies across the city, but no one responded to the call, according to

“The cat sounds like a baby crying ... He needs help," Percy Foster told the FOX affiliate. "I've called the mayor's action hotline, the Memphis Humane Shelter, the fire department; they say they don't do that."

Memphis firefighters finally arrived, turning the hose on the cat and warning another resident that “they’re not always going to be available to respond.”

Other than emotional trauma and a broken tooth, the kitten walked away unscathed.

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