Janet Jackson Resumes Tour in D.C.

Janet Jackson took the stage to exploding fireworks, clouds of smoke and the sounds of some early hits Wednesday in her first concert since she was sidelined for two weeks by a bout of vertigo.

Sporting a huge mohawk and light-colored body suit, the Grammy-winning performer opened with "Pleasure Principle," followed by "What Have You Done for Me Lately" from her 1986 album "Control." Soon after, she sang her latest single, "Feedback."

"It feels so good to be back after being down just a little bit," Jackson told the crowd at the less-than-full Verizon Center.

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The two-hour, high-energy show went smoothly, but Jackson did appear winded at times. At one point, she paused to admire her backup dancers, and the audience roared with approval.

"She was perfect. If she was sick, she's not sick anymore," said Maurice Bell, 28, of Washington. "She can still do it at 42."

At the end of the show, a teary-eyed Jackson told the crowd: "I love you D.C. so much."

Jackson's publicist said Wednesday she has been suffering from migraine-associated vertigo, which led to her canceling a string of shows. She is being treated for the illness, which is characterized by dizziness, imbalance and other symptoms.

"She's a world-class entertainer and needs to be at the top of her game to give her fans the show they expect," Jackson's manager, Kenneth Crear, said in a release. "She's feeling much better and is ready to hit the road again to finish the tour."

Crear said Jackson is feeling better and ready to continue her first North American tour in seven years. Upcoming stops include Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, New York and East Rutherford, N.J.