Elderly Woman, 88, Dragged During Violent Purse Theft

Lincoln police say an 88-year-old woman suffered minor injuries after she was dragged about 8 feet during a violent purse theft.

Authorities say the woman was walking near a restaurant Tuesday night when a man grabbed her purse. She was pulled backward and dragged along the ground.

The culprit got into a minivan, and the restaurant's owner reportedly remembered the license plate number on the vehicle. That led authorities to the suspect's house.

They say 21-year-old Bryan Malone was arrested on charges of robbery, and the van's driver, 18-year-old Jamil Hatcliff, was arrested on a charge of accessory to a felony.

Meanwhile, in Omaha, police say a 65-year-old woman was sprayed in the face with an unknown substance as a man stole her purse Monday morning. No suspects were identified.