Report: Man Killed Wife When She Admitted She Wasn't a Virgin

A wealthy British property developer stabbed his wife to death after becoming obsessed with the fact that she was not a virgin when they wed 46 years before.

The revelation that his wife had a relationship with a man prior to their marriage the “tipping point” for the mentally ill retiree Roger Goswell, according to the Daily Mail in London.

Susan Goswell’s body was found stabbed and bludgeoned and left under the family Christmas tree last December. On leaving their luxury home in Sussex the night of the murder, Roger Goswell crashed his Smart car and later died in hospital.

Roger Goswell had a history of mental illness and was hospitalized after a suicide attempt in November.

“There are three people in this marriage,” he told his eldest daughter, according to the Daily Mail.

The daughter petitioned his discharge, telling police in an email she didn’t want her family to be “another front-page story.”

Her father and mother were dead six days later.

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