Police Unions Outraged at Cop-Killing Video Game

New York City police unions are outraged over a video game that allows players to kill cops, and rewards them for it, MyFOXNY.com reported.

In the life-like "Saints Row 2," the lead character is a gang-banger, who spews violence against everyone he comes in contact with, including police officers and women, and the game features illegal drugs, prostitution and armed robbery, the Web site reported.

The $59.99 game is intended for those over 17, and the game's maker says it "shouldn't be taken seriously," according to MyFOXNY.com,

But New York authorities are taking it seriously.

"I think it's an outrage," Leslie Crocker Snyder, surrounded by police union representatives, said during a press conference denouncing the game. "It promotes violent behavior. I can't say anything good about it. I wish we didn't have games like that. Apparently they cannot, under the First Amendment I suppose, be outlawed."

Snyder is running for Manhattan district attorney.

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