Cheers! White Wine Just as Good as Red, Scientists Say

For years, we’ve heard about the benefits of red wine – but now it seems a glass of chardonnay may be just as good for your heart.

In a lab setting, researchers at the University of Connecticut fed rats the equivalent of one or two glasses of white wine. What they found was that their hearts suffered less damage during cardiac arrest than those fed water or grain alcohol, Agence-France Presse reported Tuesday.

In fact, the benefits from the white wine were similar to those found after animals were given red wine, which contains the ingredient resveratrol.

This molecule is found in the skin of grapes, as well as other foods such as pomegranates, and has been found to have slew of health benefits.

Previously, it was believed only wine made using grape skin was heart healthy, but scientists have found otherwise.

"The flesh of the grape can do the same job as the skin,'' molecular biologist Dr. Dipak Das said in a news release. “We can safely say that one to two glasses of white wine per day works exactly like red wine,'' he concluded.

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