Woman's Husband Kept Her Prisoner in Her Home for 50 Years

An elderly Italian woman’s husband has kept her prisoner in her own home for 50 years, The Daily Telegraph reported Thursday.

The woman, now in her seventies, was only allowed out of the house when accompanied by her husband, and was otherwise locked inside and forbidden to watch TV or speak to anyone, Italian police reported.

The unidentified prisoner exposed her dilemma when she was admitted to a hospital in Trento, a few miles from her home in northern Italy, for heart trouble.

She admitted to doctors that her jealous husband had locked her up since their marriage in 1958, the Telegraph reported.

"It appears that the woman was kept a virtual prisoner in her own home for 50 years,” a police spokesperson told the Telegraph. “She was only allowed out when her husband was with her and if he went out on his own he would lock all the doors and windows. At 5pm when he came back he would lock the place down, She was not even allowed to see her children and they were not allowed to visit.”

The husband has been removed from his home and will be kept in a secure location as the investigation continues.

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