Hospital Gives Boy, 1, Medicine Contaminated With Human Skin

A hospital in Hong Kong admitted it gave a 1-year-old boy medicine that was contaminated with pieces of human skin, Asia One Health reported Thursday.

The Tuen Mun Hospital said they gave the toddler liquid medicine to control his convulsions because he could not swallow a tablet form.

Soon after the toddler ingested the medicine, the mother, identified only as Mrs. Ho, noticed her son was vomiting.

Ho said she noticed small black particles in the medicine when she was feeding her son, but apparently did not say anything.

During the hospital's investigation, it was discovered that pieces of human skin had fallen into the medicine during the preparation process.

“It is easy for bacteria to enter the medicine bottle when it is open,” a hospital spokesman said.

The hospital said there is another patient who may have taken the contaminated medicine.

Although the hospital apologized to the patients, they are not claiming responsibility, saying it is difficult to prove the “bacteria came from the medicine.”

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