Jennifer Lopez: I Had a 'Nervous Breakdown'

In an article that she asked to have pulled, Jennifer Lopez talks about the new mommy blues, Scientology and admits she once had a “nervous breakdown."

The interview was originally done for a major fashion magazine, which removed writer Kevin Sessums from the story after Lopez regretted some of her comments and asked that the story not be published.

Below are some highlights from the Daily Beast, which posted the article:

J. Lo on the Mommy Blues:

“At the tenth day after giving birth all that chemical stuff did peak—that hormone thing—and I did cry a lot that day because I was having so much trouble moving. I couldn’t get up fast enough to feed the babies…Marc was helping out a lot and I was crying and crying and going, ‘Oh, Papi...they’re going to know everybody more than me…They’re going to love everybody more than me!’"

On Her Breakdown:

“I don't get nervous. I don't get depressed. Blah, blah, blah…There was a time when I was very overworked and I was doing music and movies and so many things. I was suffering from a lack of sleep. And I did have a kind of nervous breakdown. I froze up on a set. Well, not on a set, but in my trailer. I was like, ‘I don’t want to move. I don’t want to talk. I don’t want to do anything.’ It was on that movie Enough [in 2002]. Yeah. I did. I had a nervous breakdown."

On Scientology:

“I do know a lot about Scientology. And I know about the practices. I know all about what the technology is and all that kind of stuff. It’s very helpful. So in a sense, yeah, you do call on it.”

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