Welcome to Day 5 of 'Stealing Ohio's Election'

To the people of the great state of Ohio, welcome to day five of "they're stealing your election."

As you might have heard, the Ohio Democrat secretary of state decided to bend the law and allow a special week of absentee voting jammed together with a special week of instant voter registration.

So in Ohio, hundreds of outside special volunteers have arrived with buses and they're swooping down on college campuses and homeless shelters and picking people up to go register and vote all in the same day.

Now these are supposed to be special nonpartisan volunteers who drive these new voters to the polls. But look what our friends at Palestra, The College Network, found when they interviewed these special nonpartisan election volunteers.


TIFFANY WILSON, PALESTRA.NET: Are you encouraging them to vote for Obama?

UNIDENTIFIED VOLUNTEER: Oh yes, really, I am. He's like a brother right there.


TIFFANY WILSON, PALESTRA.NET: You tell them to vote for –-

UNIDENTIFIED VOLUNTEER: Yes, uh-huh, yes, for Obama, yes.



TIFFANY WILSON, PALESTRA.NET: And what do they say when you say "vote Obama"?

UNIDENTIFIED VOLUNTEER: They say "yes... yes, OK."

TIFFANY WILSON, PALESTRA.NET: So you're going out here to get votes for Obama, not just to get people to vote, but to actually get them to vote for Obama?

UNIDENTIFIED VOLUNTEER: No, no, no. Just to get them to vote.


OK, alright, I've got to go.


Whoa! Here's a news flash Ohio: this is going on all over your state. And who discovered it? Palestra.net, The College Network, not the big networks.

And why not? Same reason I'm telling you this story now, because the big nets don't want you to know that this is a special week in Ohio, called "stealing an election."

What do you think?

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