Kentucky Man With Rare Cancer Endures 35 Surgeries

A Louisville, Kentucky man has endured 35 surgeries in an attempt to cure a rare nasal cancer, FOX 41 reported Friday.

Denis Conder thought he had a cold when his breathing became difficult six years ago. In actuality, there was a cancerous tumor blocking his nasal cavities. He was ultimately diagnosed with endocarcinoma, a rare cancer of the cell linings.

Because of his many surgeries, Conder has lost one of his eyes and part of his face. He wears a prosthetic eye, and is using experimental hyperbaric chamber therapy — a type of oxygen mask — in an attempt to help his face heal more quickly.

Conder said he is now cancer-free, but the risk of infection to his face is high, and he still has a lot of facial pain. His battle with cancer was featured recently on the FOX 41 show, "The Doctors."

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