Four Texas elementary school students are being tested for HIV and other blood-borne diseases after a student found a heroin needle at recess and poked herself and three other students.

The student at Allison Elementary School in East Austin found the needle Monday afternoon at recess in a park restroom, reports. Thinking it was fake, she poked herself and three others before school officials found the needle.

Just the thought of someone had a needle in their arm," said Theresa Garcia, the mother of a 6-year-old who was poked. "My daughter got pricked with it, who knows what could be on it."

Officials told that black tar heroin was found in the needle, and the students are being tested for HIV and other illnesses.

"It does happen across the district on some campuses," school principal Guadalupe Velasquez told "It’s not just an isolated incident."

Parents are outraged by the incident, and reporters for the station found other needles in the park while reporting on the story.

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