Mom Sentenced for Biting 5-Year-Old Son in 'Revenge'

A British woman was sentenced to five months in a Cheltenham, England, prison Wednesday for biting her five-year-old son as “revenge,” because he had hurt his little sister, Agence France-Presse reported.

The 28-year-old told the court her reason for biting the boy was, “Probably that he hurt his sister, so he’s got to be hurt. It's an automatic reaction to protect your youngest. He had already had his DS (Nintendo games console) confiscated earlier this week. I feel really guilty. At the end of day it's my baby. He's my baby."

The presiding judge told the court, “There can be few offenses more likely to cause anger and desire for retribution from the public. This is a case of pure anger where she appeared to have taken revenge on her own son for injury caused to the other child.”

The unidentified woman has since lost custody of both her children.

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