Car-respondence - Pontiac G8 GT


I like the G8 so much that I’ve ordered a 2009 GT. Although the MPG is lower than my current ride, a 2000 Monte Carlo, I’m willing to sacrifice some fuel economy for a great ride! I’ve had the pleasure to use one for a day and wasn’t disappointed. It’s a great car for someone, like me, who has a family, but wants V8 power that won’t kill you at the pump.

Steve Lenhert

Not Sold

As usual American Car Companies have come way to late to the dance. The pendulum has swung, and the ax has come down on the gas guzzling fest we've seen in recent years. It's time to move on.Dan Flynn

Take Off

Since early April I have owned a G8 GT. I have been nothing less than impressed and satisfied. For the first time since GM decided to forego any semblance of a thought process and cease production of the Impala SS in 1996, THEY GOT THIS ONE RIGHT!!! It looks great, handles even better, and launches like the Space Shuttle…well, an empty jet airplane taking off from any major runway.

I love it and plan to keep it for a very long, long time!

Lt. Col. Chris Grinage, USMC

Watch Out for the Little Guys

Typical American car manufacturers and their excessively large and inefficient engines, overweight frames, and lack luster performance. Honestly, only 361HP out of a 6.0L engine and it still can’t crack the 5 second barrier. When are these idiots going to wake-up and delivery highly tuned, smaller engines that are capable of almost equal performance? My 2008 Acura TL Type-S smoked a Hemi Dodge Charger the other day and I will be looking to do the same against one of these overweight, inefficient behemoths the next chance I get.

Kirk R. Gray

Time Machine

I absolutely love this car. You are right, if GM had done something like this in the 90’s we would not be stuck with all these gas sucking poor handling SUV’s. The fact that a large proportion of the auto buying public switched to the V-8 rear drive SUV/Truck at the same time that all the passenger cars were front-wheel-drive 4-bangers tells the story of what the public wanted. It’s sad to think the new Camaro, Challenger, and G8 were held up so long that the tide may have turned against them. I hope this economy and fuel prices don’t destroy what could be some very impressive vehicles.

Monte Vogt

What if they Called it a Chevy?

Nice write up…buy a 361hp sedan and “slow down this summer” to 60 mph to save gas…ha ha ha ha!! Sorry GM, it’s still a Pontiac.

Daniel Bowles

Letter from Home

Being an Aussie living in CA and a former owner of a few Commodores, they are a GREAT Car. Yes MPG is an issue, but it’s been an issue in Australia for 20-plus years and the Commodore has been one of the biggest sellers over that time, while they never really had the SUV to compete with it still would hold up against anything Ford or any other manufacturer can produce. I’ll definitely look at one next time I’m in the market for a new vehicle.

Brad Stuve

For Twice the Price, We’d Hope So

I will keep my ($66,000) Audi RS4 thank you very much.

Brent Riley

FCR: You made the comparison, not us. That says a lot about the G8.