2 Teens Arrested for Stealing Beer From Tiki Bar After Kayaking Across Lake

Two teenagers have been arrested after kayaking across a lake and stealing beer and energy drinks from a man's beachfront tiki bar.

Lt. Bill Lux of the Van Buren County Sheriff's Office says officers were dispatched Thursday morning to Porter Township in western Michigan, about 60 miles south of Grand Rapids.

Several cases of beer and a case of Red Bull had been stolen from a tiki bar on the shore of Cedar Lake. The owner said he saw two men paddling away in kayaks.

Lux says some cans spilled into the water when one of the kayaks overturned. Police located the suspects by following the cans.

Five other teens were arrested at the scene, one for marijuana possession and the rest for underage possession of alcohol. All are 15 to 18 years old.