Arizona Woman's Stolen Prosthetic Leg Returned

A prosthetic leg has been returned to a Sierra Vista woman two weeks after it was stolen.

Police Sgt. Lawrence Boutte says a man brought the leg to the station Tuesday, saying his son had found it near a trash can.

Boutte says the leg was not damaged.

Desire Madarang says she's happy to have her leg back, but she's still disappointed that someone took it.

Madarang says she used the 11-year-old backup prosthetic leg for yard work and other outside activities so her good leg isn't ruined.

The 48-year-old had laid the spare leg next to her car in the driveway so she could easily get to it, but someone made off with it July 8.

The leg was valued at $2,000 but could have cost $15,000 to replace.