Flight Carrying 7 Congressmen Diverted to New Orleans After Cabin Pressure Problems

A Continental Airlines flight carrying seven House members from Texas to Washington, D.C., made an unscheduled landing in New Orleans Tuesday afternoon, after pilots noticed what appeared to be a loss in cabin pressure.

No one was injured. Continental Airlines released a statement saying the plane landed safely in New Orleans, and that the flight was diverted "as is normal procedure."

"Maintenance is checking the airplane as Continental works to accommodate the passengers on other flights to their destinations," the airline said.

The lawmakers were returning on Continental Flight 458 to Washington, D.C., for votes Tuesday evening.

On board were Texas Reps. Ron Paul, R; Nick Lampson, D; Solomon Ortiz, D; John Carter, R; Ted Poe, R; Henry Cuellar, D; and Ciro Rodriguez, D.

Lampson spokesman Trevor Kincaid told FOX News that a "technical glitch" on board the plane caused a problem with air pressure in the cabin. Oxygen masks were deployed and passengers were asked to put them on.

The plane was then re-routed to New Orleans.

Kincaid said the plane did not take a nosedive as suggested in an initial media report.

However, the lawmakers will not make it into Washington to vote.

FOX News' Chad Pergram contributed to this report.