Train Kills Suicidal Woman Seconds After 12-Year-Old Son Convinces Her to Get Off Tracks

A 12-year-old British boy convinced his suicidal mother to get off the tracks at Belle Vue Station in Manchester, England, on Thursday seconds before she was struck by a train and killed in front of him, The Daily Mail reported.

Chris Clark, 19, told The Mail his brother followed his mother to the train station after finding a suicide note in their home. He begged her to think of her seven children as she stood on the tracks beneath the commuter platform.

It is believed Veronica Bell, 41, then tried to get out of harm’s way before she was hit by the train going 50 mph.

"He was talking to her, telling her to think of his sisters. She told him she was scared," Clark told The Mail.

"From what he has told me, one train came by but she got out of the way. She just couldn't do it. He was talking to her and she seemed she was going to get back on the platform. She had put her bag back up. Then another train came and she looked round — and screamed."

British Transport Police have launched an investigation but say there are no suspicious circumstances.

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