Teacher Apologizes for Locking Kids in Cupboard as 'Time Out Room'

A British teacher has apologized after locking a 7-year-old boy in a cupboard used as a "time out room" for punishing bad behavior, the Daily Mail reported Friday.

Stephanie Tate admitted to using the cupboard as a way to control her students at Avenue Primary School in Clarendon Park, Leicester, and had used it on more than one occasion.

Tate claims the students were put into the confined space for “only a few minutes,” and said she was sorry for not telling parents of its use, the Mail reported.

The unidentified boy’s mother said her son has since been suffering nightmares.

“The room is about 4-feet-by-4 feet, like a cupboard, with no exit and no handle," she told the Mail. "I was absolutely distraught when I saw it.”

Avenue Primary said use of the room has been suspended until a review is carried out.

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