'WALL-E' Offends Some Viewers With Depiction of Obese

Pixar's latest hit "WALL-E" has earned rave reviews from critics for its tale of a robot trying to save humanity, but not everyone is thrilled with the movie's message, Gawker reports.

Overweight viewers are protesting the film's depiction of a world ruined by "doughy and lazy folk who drink liquid cupcakes and can't even really walk."

In the film, which was fourth at the box office this weekend, Earth has been turned into a trash dump due to the Buy N Large corporation. Humans evacuated the unlivable planet and now live on a giant cruise ship in space, where they watch TV, eat food from a straw and are too overweight to walk.

Video: Watch a discussion about the controversy on 'Red Eye'

Some say Pixar is pushing the message that overweight people are draining the resources of the planet and perpetuating the myth that obese are lazy and gluttonous.

One such viewer, Jessica Melusine, wrote a letter to Pixar, saying that it "is horrible when you see the only bodies shaped like you as things to laugh at, as living examples of as a culture, how shoddily we treat the earth."

"A company that shows love in strange places, how everyone has a place and how love and tenderness belong to creatures as different as a plastic mermaid and a plastic snowman —showed me that it’s okay to laugh at fat people, that it’s okay to have them as the butt of a joke yet again."

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