Trial Begins in Child Abuse Case Involving Car Wash Pressure Washer

A mother who was caught on tape spraying her young daughter with a car wash's pressure washer was in court Monday in a shocking child abuse case, reported.

Niurka Ramirez, 22, turned herself in to police in March after security footage of the incident was released. She was charged with felony child abuse.

The girl was examined by a public health nurse at the time of Ramirez's arrest and was found to have no visible injuries. She is under the care of relatives and said to be in good condition since the incident, reported.

Surveillance tape shows the woman getting out of a white Hyundai Elantra and putting money into a pressure washer. Another woman is seen bringing the girl out of the car. As the child tries to get away, one of the women sprays her with the high-pressure hose.

The woman sprayed water at the child's legs, chest and face. She then stripped the wet clothes off her, leaving her nude in the wash bay, authorities said. The child was dressed into dry clothes before the suspects fled.

"It stings, it burns,” car wash manager Marlene Diaz told of the hose, which was on high power. “I've heard stories where this type of pressure, it forms like a rug burn and can actually take off the top layer of the skin."

Ramirez claims she is not guilty.

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