Madonna's Brother Dishes Dirt on 'Controlling' Sister

Madonna's younger brother thinks it's "highly unlikely" his sister caused the split between New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez and his wife, because "despite everything else, she's still a Catholic girl, although he is kind of her type," he told "Good Morning America" on Monday.

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Christopher Ciccone, who has just written a tell-all book called "Life With my Sister Madonna," thinks the Yankees star was interested in Kabbalah, the form of Jewish mysticism Madonna practices, and doubts "that this is actually an affair."

Ciccone, who is two years younger than Madonna, said that "she was my mother's namesake, and she looked like my mother. My mother was very important to us, and after dying Madonna became the focus and [got] quite a bit of attention.

"And that attention turned into an ego of some kind that just got bigger and bigger."

Through the singer's early career, her brother was a constant fixture at the her side and the two enjoyed a close relationship, but Ciccone said Madonna's husband Guy Ritchie was the cause of their estrangement.

"The best way to get to my sister is to get in bed with her, and since I wasn't doing that — and wasn't about to — we both couldn't really exist in the same hemisphere."

According to Madonna's brother, Ritchie openly dislikes homosexuality, and therefore had a problem with Ciccone, who is gay.

As for Kabbalah, Ciccone says it "has validated some of her bad behavior. I think now it's her way or no way because she's got God on her side now. It can be very helpful but she has a tendency to use it as a weapon."

Still, Ciccone insists he is not trying to get revenge on his sister or her husband. "I'm not taking revenge, not at all. I'm telling what I consider to be a great tale."