Report: Stones Guitarist Ron Wood Has Run Off With 18-Year-Old

Married, 61-year-old Rolling Stones guitarist Ron Wood has run off with an 18-year-old cocktail waitress, Britain's Daily Telegraph reports.

The rocker, a father of four, has allegedly been at his home in Ireland for the past week with Ekaterina Ivanova, whom he is said to have met in a London club.

Wood admitted his problem with alcoholism in 2000, and sources say that caused his unexpected behavior.

"It's all connected with his drinking," a friend of the guitarist said. "He is drinking two bottles of vodka a day. He doesn't remember anything or know where he is. It looks like he's risking his life."

Though Wood's wife Jo told the Telegraph she knew her husband was in Ireland painting and was "quite all right that she [Ivanova] was hanging around with him," the 18-year-old has been telling friends that she and the rocker are romantically involved.

"She has told everyone Ronnie has left his wife for her and they are a full-on item," said a friend.

Wood's bandmates have called the guitarist constantly, asking "What the hell are you doing?' but nothing's getting through," said a source. "Ronnie is adamant this girl is just a friend but he's not thinking rationally."

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