Pennsylvania Meter Maid Brutally Beaten Over $15 Parking Ticket

A suburban Philadelphia meter maid was badly beaten over a $15 parking ticket.

Kalliopi Maroulis was beaten on the job Saturday in Upper Darby, Pa., after giving a ticket to Ashley Dacons when she refused to move an illegally parked Dodge Charger, the Philadelphia Daily News reported.

As Maroulis wrote the ticket, Dacons allegedly struck the meter maid with her car door and then punched her in the face, the paper said. She fought back and later tussled with Dacons' boyfriend, Dijon Prince, eventually falling to the ground and breaking her wrist.

The couple fled with Maroulis' ticket book, but were arrested a short time later, police told the Daily News. They face charges of aggravated assault, simple assault, harassment and criminal mischief.

Maroulis said she is quitting the job — which she took in part because it's good exercise — after the attack.

"I want to walk, but I don't want to die," she told the paper. "I won't go back."

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