Report: Anne Hathaway's Parents Warned Her to Ditch Raffaello

Anne Hathaway's family tried to warn her about boyfriend Raffaello Follieri, the New York Daily News reports.

The "Get Smart" star, 26, was reportedly encouraged by her father to move out of the couple's New York City apartment, and a source says "he and Anne's mother always had their suspicions about Raffaelo."

Follieri, 29, was arrested on fraud charges last week, and U.S. District Court Judge Henry B. Pittman set bail at $21 million, based on documents indicating that Follieri had $16 million in a bank account in Monaco.

Sources, however, say the businessman "doesn't have s--- in that account. Some people believe he drafted that document and hoped to have it validated by a bank officer in Monaco."

As for Hathaway, the actress reportedly regrets helping the feds in their investigation of Follieri. "The night before his arrest, she had a tearful phone conversation with him."

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