'Baby Borrowers' Criticized for Separating Infants From Parents

NBC's "The Baby Borrowers" is coming under fierce criticism for separating children from their parents, USA Today reported.

The show aims to give teenage couples a dose of reality by putting them in charge of babies, toddlers, pre-teens, teenagers and senior citizens over the course of three weeks.

Now the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) is calling on NBC to pull the show because placing babies with strangers for three days "can lead children to feel distress and anxiety."

Joining in on the criticism is non-profit group Zero to Three, who told the New York Post that "the babies were separated for about 12 hours and were clearly in distress. They should be with someone they've had the opportunity to get to know."

NBC responded, saying that parents were stationed next door with a baby monitor and were able to intervene at any time, and "the environment was carefully controlled, and the children were properly cared for at all times."

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