Rosie O'Donnell Laughs Off Report That She and Kelli Splitting, Calls Columnist a Lesbian

Rosie O'Donnell laughed off a report that she and girlfriend Kelli Carpenter may be calling it quits, saying she thinks gossip columnist Cindy Adams "is a lesbian but she doesn’t know it yet."

Adams reported on Monday that "Rosie O'Donnell and Kelli Carpenter, the handsome blond gal Rosie calls her wife, may not be so together anymore."

She went on to say that "whatever other difficulties such a breakup might cause, there is also a houseful of adopted kids they're raising."

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A rep for the former "View" co-host told that "Rosie thinks that Cindy Adams is a lesbian but she doesn’t know it yet. She's going to leave Kelli for Cindy Adams."

O'Donnell, 46, and Carpenter, 41, wed in 2004, but the marriage was nullified by California's highest court.

They have adopted children Parker, 13; Chelsea, 11; and Blake, 8, and biological daughter Vivienne Rose, 5.

O'Donnell has said the couple will not remarry until gay marriage is "legal everywhere."

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