After Being Stabbed 22 Times, New York Man's Last Words Name Alleged Killer

Police say a Long Island man dying from 22 stab wounds managed to name one of the men charged with killing him.

Suffolk County police said Friday that Thomas Garafolo's dying words pointed to 20-year-old Fredrick Hollman. He and 27-year-old Joshua Lopez are being held without bail on murder charges. Authorities say they killed Garafolo out of suspicion he was cheating Lopez out of the proceeds of a shoplifting scheme.

Lopez's lawyer, Michael Brown, says it's "important not to rush to judgment." The name of Hollman's lawyer couldn't immediately be determined Friday night, and his Ronkonkoma telephone number wasn't accepting messages.

Police say that despite his deadly wounds, the 52-year-old Garafolo crawled to the door of a nearby Medford home for help. He died at a local hospital.