Florida Police Bust Brothel-on-Wheels

A nationwide FBI-led sweep aimed at finding child prostitutes also, in the process, uncovered a illicit Miami party wagon.

Undercover agents didn't find any child prostitutes. What they found was an alleged brothel-on-wheels that the Miami Herald reports was driven by a 41-year-old man with the words "trust no man" tattooed on his back.

The bust occurred early Sunday when Miami Beach undercover detectives paid a $40 entry fee and boarded the stretch limousine bus. Inside, they found women onboard offering sexual services money, authorities said.

"It was very brazen," Detective Juan Sanchez told the Miami Herald. "They were offering everything from lap dances to sex."

Authorities arrested Christine Morteh, 29, of Miramar, and the driver, Clyde Scott, along with four other people Sunday. Miami-Dade jail spokeswoman Janell Hall said they face charges that include offering to commit or engage in prostitution, directing another to a place of prostitution and deriving support from prostitution.

The Miami Herald reports the charges even include violating a public dance hall ordinance because the women were "dancing," and Scott was booked on a drug charge for alleged illegal possession of some Viagra.

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Hall said Morteh was released on $7,000 bail on Tuesday and does not yet have an attorney. A telephone listing for her couldn't be found.

Scott, 41, was released Sunday on $11,500 bond. It was not immediately known if he had an attorney.

The bust was part of a nationwide undercover sweep called "Operation Cross Country" that was aimed at finding child prostitutes and headed by the FBI. Operations in 16 cities led to the recovery of 21 children, the FBI said.

FBI spokeswoman Judy Orihuela said 78 people were arrested in Miami and two in Tampa during the sweep.

Orihuela said there were no child prostitutes in the limousine.

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The Associated Press contributed to this report.