Car-respondence - Smart Fortwo

Premium Price

I was surprised Mr. Gastelu did not point out that the Smartcar requires premium gas. That makes cars like the Hyundai Accent, Chevy Aveo, and Toyota Yaris a much better deal.

Brad Huschka

FCR: Smart “recommends” premium gas, but does not require it. Using an octane rating lower than 91 will not damage the engine in any way, but it will likely result in poorer performance and fuel efficiency.

Town Car

I witnessed these cars abundantly three years ago on the streets of Rome, Italy. They were all over the place. I don’t think the car is worth buying when it only gets gas mileage in the low 40’s. This is very disappointing. For something this size and with all the compromises you make that other average cars provide, it is not worth it. It may have a “just around the city” purpose, but that is all. If I owned one, I would keep it off of the major highways.

Brian Duran

Bad Arm Candy

Why in the world would I want a car that is an accessory? Horrible transmission, knuckle tightening steering, and a charitable 41 mpg. And since the emphasis of the article was parking, where in the world are you finding FREE parking spaces that are small enough for the Smart? Here in DC and elsewhere we have meters, so it doesn't matter how small you car is, you pay for the space - 12 foot long truck or 6 foot long motorcycle. Count me out! If someone wants to make a car that small, great! But it better get 60-70 mpg before I consider buying it.

Dan Dluzneski

He’s Outta Here

I get 40-41 mpg highway (at 65-75 mph) and 33-35 mpg in town with my Toyota Corolla, four door sedan! And I carry a ton of junk in the trunk. Sure it cost more, but I can haul four or five people or lots of luggage or groceries. Now, if that little gizmo got about 70 mpg they might have something. Include me out.

Justin Skywatcher

More for Less, Please

I've got to wonder why anyone in their right mind would drive that car. I drive a Toyota Yaris. It has a back seat, a trunk (I've hauled 3 people, and a 60 lb boxer with enough luggage for a 3 day trip), and my MPG ranges from 38 to 40.5 (and I don't baby it). This isn't an advertisement for the Yaris, but I wouldn't even test drive the Fortwo until the price is below $10k and it's getting over 55 mpg.

Matt Book

FCR: Before any of you complain about us not being Fair and Balanced with this collection of letters, we’d like to point out that we have not received even one positive comment on the Smart Fortwo. Our lines are still open if you’d like to change that.

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