Former '80s heartthrob Corey Haim says kissing Victoria Beckham felt like "a girl gnawing on your lip."

"When she kisses, she does this cool thing which I can't say," he said during a recent interview for a British television show. He then elaborated, saying "she does this little grr gnaw thing" that felt like "a girl gnawing on your lip."

Haim says he dated the former Spice Girl, who is now married to soccer star David Beckham, in the mid-1990s, calling her a "soul mate."

The "Lost Boys" actor says he met Posh Spice in 1995 when the Spice Girls arrived at a recording studio.

"A car pulled up, and five girls in these crazy outfits pile out and are like these punk rock chicks. And then Vic. We lock on — sniper eyes. So I had to hang out with her, it was my obligation as a man."

The actor, 36, found success as an actor and teen heartthrob in the '80s but has struggled with numerous drug problems, including stints in rehab and a drug-induced stroke in 2001.

He and fellow child star Corey Feldman are currently starring in a reality show called "The Two Coreys" on A&E.

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