Anti-Speeding Mannequin Cop Back on Duty After Being Stolen, Shot

Officer Larry, the Roosevelt police mannequin used to deter speeders, is back on the job more than two months after the window of his patrol car was shattered and he kidnapped by teenagers.

Chief Rick Harrison said one of his officers persuaded two young people to come forward with information about Larry's whereabouts and return him.

Larry was abducted in March from a police cruiser parked along U.S. 40.

The kids agreed to return Larry — an old CPR dummy — under certain conditions.

"They said they didn't do it, but they'd pay for the window and get him back to us if we didn't charge them," Harrison told the Deseret News in a story on its Web site Monday.

Police have no evidence against the teens other than they knew where Larry was and they were willing to pay for the damage, Harrison said.

Larry was shot several times with a shotgun during his captivity by a third youngster. The teens have agreed to pay for a new Larry, but a new latex lawman would be expensive so the department will probably buy a model made for target practice.

"He's a little bit holier now than he was," the chief said. "He's still usable, he's just not very pretty."