Norwegian Textbook Pulled for Muhammad Cartoon Errors

One of Norway's largest publishers is pulling a textbook containing misinformation for fear of endangering those involved with a controversial 2006 drawing of the Prophet Muhammad, Norway's Aftenposten is reporting.

Gyldendal pulled the high school text book entitled 'Eksistens (Existence)" because it stated incorrectly that the now infamous cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad with a ticking bomb in his turban, was instead drawn with a pig's tail, the newspaper wrote.

The original cartoon of Muhammad and the bomb, which ran in the Dutch newspaper Jyllands-Posten, sparked widespread anger, violence and international lawsuits.

In covering the 2006 debate over the drawings, the book stated that Norwegian editor Vebjørn Selbekk published a copy of one of the controversial drawings in his Christian newspaper, which included a caricature of Muhammad with a pig's tail.

"This was pure and simple bad work," Selbekk told Aftenposten, referring to the book, stating he finds it "worrisome that a textbook meant for high school students contains such an elementary mistake."

The publisher's editor, Paul Hedlund, admitted that the errors were unacceptable — made worse by the sensitive nature of the issue, the paper wrote.

Hedlund plans to send an apology to Selbekk in addition to withdrawing "Eksistens," admitting poor fact-checking was behind the error.

Selbekk fears his family, which includes two high-school aged daughters, could be placed in danger.

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