Britain's Princess Eugenie Scolded for Naked Campus Romp

Britain’s Princess Eugenie was found naked on the grounds of her school during a drunken night with pals.

The Duke and Duchess of York’s younger daughter and classmates “frolicked like nymphs” on the lawns.

Eugenie, 18, was given a severe scolding and told not to stay at school on weekends. She has been a $44,700-a-year boarder at Marlborough College, Wilts, for five years.

A senior staff member was woken by playful shrieks and discovered about a dozen pupils dancing around in their birthday suits under the midnight moonlight.

"It’s the talk of the college,” one pupil said. "The girls had been drinking, possibly in a local pub, and decided to let their hair down."

"It was a couple of weeks ago just before people started taking their A-levels and some find exams all a bit stressful. For some reason they stripped off and started prancing about.”

There is no suggestion any boys were present or that drugs were involved.

Eugenie, who is sixth in line to the throne, is expected to appear at Royal Ascot for the first time next week with sister Beatrice, 19.

A spokeswoman for the Duchess of York declined to comment.

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