Different Guns Killed Okla. Friends

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BILL HEMMER, CO-HOST: All there is breaking news in the case of those two little girls murdered in Oklahoma over the weekend. Investigators now believe the two guns and two separate shooters killed the 11 and 13-year-old girls who were also best friends. Police have no suspects, no motive, and few clues.

FOX's Douglas Kennedy just spoke to one of the investigators and now here with us to tell us about the latest.

DOUGLAS KENNEDY, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT : Yes, Bill, and I'd just spoke with one of the girl's uncles. Joe Mosher says both families are struggling right now to make sense out of what is obviously a senseless and unexplainable crime.

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KENNEDY (voice-over): A cross on a tree. Flowers and stuffed animals just underneath. Both sitting on the side of this rural Oklahoma road, a makeshift memorial is now all that's left of two girls struck down together, for reasons no one yet understands.

CLAUDIA FARROW, SKYLA WHITAKER'S GRANDMOTHER: There's a loss that you can't explain. It's very hard on us, very hard on all of us.

JACK CHOATE, OKFUSKEE COUNTY SHERIFF: There is no just reason for that whatsoever.

KENNEDY: On Sunday afternoon, 13-year-old Taylor Paschal Placker was playing with her best friend, 11-year-old Skyla Whitaker, on the very road near Placker's house in the small town of Willika (ph). Police say Taylor's grandfather came outside to tell them to come in when he discovered their bodies.

SPECIAL AGENT BEN ROSSER, OSBI: He walked north of the house. He got 200 to 300 yards north of the house and he found the girls on the side of the road. Both girls had been shot multiple times. Both girls were dead at the scene.

KENNEDY: For days, there have been no clues and no suspects. But this afternoon, a ballistics test came back showing two different guns were used on the girls.

This is very significant. It shows that there might have been two people who committed this crime. It's also significant in other ways. Explain.

JESSICA BROWN, OKLAHOMA STATE BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION (through phone): Well, now we would believe there are two people involved. We hope, at least, one will have a conscience. One might talk to people. So, we have double the chance of that happening now.

JOE MOSHER, TAYLOR PLACKER'S UNCLE: Whoever did this is in the community right now, and this could happen to anyone in this community.

KENNEDY: Willika (ph) is small town of 1,000 people located in northeastern Oklahoma. Residents say they've been shocked and scared.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It took a monster to do this.

KENNEDY: But most of the emotions here is reserved for the girls' families who say they are in unspeakable grief. Skyla's grandmother said she is consumed with the loss of what her grandmother might have been.

FARROW: She's a special girl. She would have been somebody once she'd grow up. She would have been somebody.


KENNEDY: Mosher who is Taylor's uncles says his family has now set up a fund to pay for Taylor's funeral. If anyone would like to contribute, he says they can contact the Oklahoma Bank of Commerce at 405-786-2216. That's 405-786-2216. He says, Bill and Megyn, tragically, her family has no money at this point to pay for the funeral.

HEMMER: You heard the uncle say that they believe the killer is still in the community.

KENNEDY: That's right.

HEMMER: Well, what gives them that hunch?

KENNEDY: Because this community is so far away from everything. There's no highways, there's no main roads there. They think that nobody would be driving down this road except somebody in the community there.

HEMMER: Thank you, Douglas. A breaking news tonight.

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