Daughter of Austrian 'Horror Dad' Awakens From Induced Coma

A daughter of the Austrian incest victim kept for decades in a basement dungeon by her father awoke from her induced coma Tuesday, the hospital said.

Kerstin Fritzl, one of seven children whom authorities say Josef Fritzl has confessed to fathering with his daughter, was taken to a hospital in April, unconscious and suffering from an unidentified infection.

She later suffered seizures. In addition to the induced coma, she was placed on a respirator and underwent dialysis because of the effects of lack of oxygen.

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"The patient continues to need intensive medical ... and therapeutic care," said the statement, e-mailed by hospital spokesman Klaus Schwertner. It gave no timeframe for further treatment and offered no details about the patient's location.

The shocking discovery of the woman's captivity came in April when Kerstin was admitted to the hospital. Her father later confessed to the abuse.

On Friday, authorities decided to extend pretrial custody for Fritzl, 73, by another two months. Fritzl was formally placed in custody April 29 and will likely be charged when the investigation is complete.

Three of the children fathered by Fritzl, including Kerstin, were raised in a cellar at his home in Amstetten, west of Vienna. Three others were brought above ground to live with Fritzl and his wife, and one died in infancy. DNA tests confirmed Fritzl is the biological father of the six surviving children.

Schooling began last month for the children kept in the cellar. Christoph Herbst, a lawyer representing the victims, said the family was "doing well" but was expected to remain in the clinic for several months.

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The Associated Press contributed to this report.