'Bionic' Woman, 49, Has Joints Made of Metal, Plastic

Move over Lindsay Wagner. There’s a new "bionic woman" and her name is Eileen Brown.

Brown, 49, has had almost all of her major joints replaced with plastic or metal ones in the past 20 years due to severe rheumatoid arthritis; it is being reported by London’s Daily Mail.

The only natural joints in Brown’s body are those of her left hip and her right elbow, according to the newspaper; however, surgeons will soon replace the left hip as well.

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Brown, of Boldon Colliery, South Tyneside, England, told the Daily Mail she was diagnosed with the disease in her 20s. Despite her condition and all the surgeries she has endured, Brown, who is married, had three children.

She said she stays optimistic, despite her ailment.

“I’ve spent a really long time in the hospital and had to put up with horrendous pain, but you just have to get on with things,” she said. “I have my good days and bad, but you’ve got to stay positive and never give up.”

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