2 Teachers Arrested at Arkansas School For Being Drunk on the Job

Authorities say a Springdale teacher was arrested at school on suspicion of public intoxication.

Authorities say they arrested 59-year-old Janice Dodson last week after other teachers complained of smelling alcohol on her breath. Dodson, who taught English as a Second Language courses at J.O. Kelly Middle School, has resigned.

Authorities say Dodson registered a .192 on a blood-alcohol level test, more than twice the legal limit in Arkansas. Dodson was released from the Springdale jail and has an arraignment set for July 1.

Dodson's husband, Dennis Dodson, told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette that his wife is devastated over the arrest.

"She's been a fabulous teacher," Dennis Dodson said. "She had a couple of beers at lunch, and it was a stupid mistake and she's paying every day for it."

Dennis Dodson said his wife has been a teacher for 30 years, but has been emotionally distraught recently over the unsolved murders of her father and brother two years ago near San Antonio, Texas.

"She's been through counseling but hasn't been able to recover emotionally," he said.

Janice Dodson is the second Springdale teacher to be arrested at school on an alcohol charge. Last month, kindergarten teacher Patricia Miller was arrested for driving under the influence after failing two field sobriety tests in her classroom at Young Elementary School. Police were called to the school after a parent saw Miller fall as she walked toward the front doors of the school, according to a police report.

Miller told police she's diabetic and under a doctor's care. She said she'd taken an antidepressant that morning and pain medication and a sleeping pill about 1 a.m.

Miller, who has also resigned, has a June 25 arraignment.