Florida County Lets Teachers Look at Suspicious Students' Text Messages, Photos

School administrators in one Florida county have given teachers permission to read student's text messages if they think their students are up to no good, MyFOXTampaBay.com reports.

"If we suspect kids are plotting together and we have that suspicion, we'll search that," Manatee County School Board Attorney John Bowen told the station. "The constitutional rights inside school are not the same as out in the street."

Teachers can check the cell phone for what was written, as well as photos taken if they think inappropriate pictures were snapped of unsuspecting students or that test questions were photographed, according to MyFOXTampaBay.com.

A local attorney told the station he wasn't happy with the new rule.

"Anytime you start talking about lowering the standard to get around Fourth Amendment protection against searches and seizures, you always have some concern," Matt Whyte said.

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