Florida Officials Say Daycare Packed 38 Kids in 15-Person Van on Field Trip

The Department of Children and Families is expected to issue a Jacksonville daycare with heavy fines after taking children on a wild ride.

DCF spokesman John Harrell says 38 children from Kids Creation Child Care were stuffed into a van that only seats 15. They were heading back to the center after day at "Chuck E. Cheese."

Harrell says the group of four-year-olds were sitting on other children's laps, some were sitting on the floor between the seats and others were standing in the van.

An employee at the kid-friendly restaurant, who saw the children piling into the van, called police.

Police ordered the daycare to get a second van. But when it arrived, they found that neither driver was properly licensed — one driver only had a learner's permit.

Harrell says the daycare center is not facing any criminal charges, but they are still investigating.