Boy, 3, Sleeps for First Time After Experimental Surgery

A 3-year-old boy from St. Petersburg, Fla., has finally had a full night's sleep for the first time in his life after doctors performed experimental surgery to fix a rare brain condition, reported.

Rhett Lamb suffers from chiari malformation, which puts pressure on his brain stem, but in the experimental surgery, doctors removed pieces of bone from Rhett’s skull and spine to relieve that pressure.

The surgery appeared to have worked, Rhett’s father, David, said Thursday.

"Last night, we didn’t wake up," David Lamb said. "It was amazing."

Lamb said he and his wife had to take turns sleeping because someone had to be up at all times with Rhett.

Doctors, however, said it may take months to see long-term results. The surgery, which cost $60,000, was not covered by medical insurance.

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