Georgia Hiker's Killer Tells Authorities: 'I'm a Sociopath'

Gary Hilton, the suspected serial killer who admitted to murdering Georgia hiker Meredith Emerson, told Georgia Bureau of Investigation authorities, "I’m a sociopath."

The GBI has released its entire case against Hilton, who is serving a life sentence for Emerson’s murder, including video interviews in which Hilton says, "I’m what they call an anti-social," WSBTV in Atlanta reported.

"You could take me to the front door of this jail and say, 'Go forth and sin no more,'" Hilton said to authorities. "I would literally have to turn back around and walk back in here."

Hilton refers to his behavior as a rampage and hints that he may have killed more than once.

"If you're already caught there's no use in killing them. I didn't kill them because, for any satisfaction," Hilton told GBI agents.

He is a suspect in the murder of a North Carolina couple in October and a Florida woman in December, WSBTV reports. Hilton mentions the Apalachicola National Forest, where the Florida woman’s body was found.

"You can go down to Apalachicola Forest, for that matter," Hilton laughed to authorities.

Hilton is fighting his extradition to Florida to face charges in the Florida murder case, WSBTV reports.

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