Debra Lafave to Be Released From House Arrest Early

Teacher-turned-sex-offender Debra Lafave will get to spend her final three months of house arrest on probation instead.

A judge ordered Tuesday that the 27-year-old former middle school teacher be released from house arrest on July 11. She'll serve straight probation instead, which is less restrictive and doesn't require her to wear a monitoring bracelet.

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She was sentenced in November 2005 to three years' house arrest and seven years of probation for having sex with a 14-year-old student.

In January, it was determined that Lafave violated her probation by having contact with an underage female co-worker at a restaurant where she worked, but it wasn't sufficient enough to put her back into jail.

Prosecutor Mike Sinacore objects to Tuesday's decision. He says the victim's family objects, too.

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