Just because they get to follow the president to far-flung locales doesn't mean the White House press flies problem-free.

The United Airlines press charter plane chasing Air Force One during President Bush's trip this week to Europe was temporarily grounded Thursday due to a fleet-wide grounding of Boeing 777 planes that have not been properly inspected.

"The plane the White House press corps is flying on is a United 777 and like the other planes of that type, it will be inspected," White House deputy press secretary Scott Stanzel said. "We don't have any reason to believe there's any safety concern about the plane we're flying on and we don't foresee any changes in the schedule for the White House press corps."

The plane was back up and running late Thursday.

"All of our aircraft but one are back in service, including the plane in Bucharest," United Airlines spokesman Jeff Kovick said.

The press charter is a plane that the majority of the press corps, the White House staff, and some Secret Service personnel fly on while accompanying the president on trips outside of Washington, although a small number of the press corps get to fly aboard Air Force One.

United on Wednesday canceled more than 30 flights and delayed dozens of others as it carried out work on the long-haul jets after a review of maintenance records showed that a test on a bottle in a cargo-area fire suppression system hadn't been performed.

FOX News' Catherine Loper and The Associated Press contributed to this report.