Job Interview Follow-Up by HarperCollins's Rebecca Alimena

Q: What's the best way to follow-up? (e.g., e-mail/written thank you note)?

A:The benefit of an electronic thank you is that you can (and should) send it the same day as your interview. However, it is less about how you send a thank you and more about the fact that you do send one.

Q: How can someone impress you in their follow-up thank you note?

A:We met, we spoke about the job, we asked and answered each others questions. The thank you note is an opportunity to show you were paying attention. If you reference topics that came up in the interview and emphasize your continued interest in the position that is impressive.

Q: Do you follow up if you don't receive the job?

A:Just because this wasn't the right job for you doesn't mean there won't be another one in the organization. Sending a short note expressing your continued desire to work for the company is appropriate. Also, a Human Resources department that is doing their job well should follow up with you if you did not get the job.

Rebecca Alimena is the Human Resources manager at HarperCollins Children's Books • Learn more about HarperCollins Children's Careers

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