Fashion Myths: Set Your Style Free!

Don't wear this and NEVER buy that! There are certain fashion rules we go through life believing in and today I'm going to debunk those dos and don'ts and set your style free!

• Myth: You can't wear white after Labor Day.
• Fact: You CAN wear white all year long — especially in Spring.

The key is to avoid certain fabrics and certain styles. Winter white, for example, is one of my favorite looks ... but it's important to stick to seasonal fabrics like wool, corduroy and cashmere. Great Winter styles include a white suit, skirt and pair of slacks.
Pair with darker accessories like a chocolate brown belt or a pair of tall black boots.

For Spring cotton pants, blazers and skirts are great.
Mix in jewel tones like red, green and purple with tops and accessories to warm up your look.

One of my favorite Spring styles is a navy cotton sweater.
Pair with a white jean and ballet flats.

Style Note: A crisp white cotton shirt is a seasonless style essential. Make sure it fits (pulling buttons is never attractive) and try a peasant style or a shirt with a little stretch.

• Myth: Black is slimming.
• Fact: Black is flattering but so is color!

This one is a yes and no answer. It's not that black is not flattering, but it's not really about the color as much as the fit and what you wear it with. The truth is, black makes it hard to see the shadows of your curves from a front and back view which is a good thing. (But, it doesn't do much for a side profile.)

It's much more important to buy the right fabrics. If you're looking to disguise your curves stay away from clingy lycra and spandex and garments with no shape. What you're trying to disguise should determine the shape you buy. For example if you have a tiny waist and a bigger bottom, wearing a dark pair of pants or skirt with a bright top will have everyone looking up.

If you're trying to hide a tummy, wear a skirt or dress with a natural waist. With that said, bold bright colors ARE a huge trend this season. So the question is: can you look slim in color? Absolutely. Stick to a simple shape like an A-line or shift dress. Avoid ruffles, bows, and any embellishments and use bright colors to accentuate your positives.

• Myth: Horizontal stripes make you look fat.
• Fact: Horizontal stripes are a great look for Spring.

I especially love stripes in navy, red, yellow and green. They do however create the illusion of widening the area you're wearing them. Take advantage of this by dressing your smaller parts in stripes.

For example, if you feel like your chest looks little in a bikini, wearing a horizontal striped top is a great way to make you look larger. Or if you feel your shoulders are puny, try a striped tank for Spring.

• Myth: Never wear large prints.
• Fact: Prints are fabulous — especially this season.

When wearing prints the key is proportion. If you're petite, wear small prints ... unless you're looking to make a statement, in which case, go for it! If you have a larger frame, wear larger prints. Stick to fluid fabrics like silk and styles like flowy dresses and tops. When it comes to mixing prints, I say go for it, but remember this keep your color scheme the same and vary the size of your prints.

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